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Hadco Poultry

Ha'il (Saudi Arabia)

In 2012, the Hadco Poultry company constructed a new processing plant capable of handling 36,000 birds/hour. An effluent treatment system was required to deal with the wastewater arising from the manufacturing processes.

MSA designed two separate systems: firstly, a primary effluent treatment (PET) system local to the factory removes fats and solids which are rendered along with other site waste streams.  The partially treated effluent is then pumped to the effluent treatment plant (ETP) where full biological treatment takes place using MBR technology. Excellent final effluent quality is achieved, making it suitable for reuse.

The total system can handle an effluent volume of up to 8,000 m3/day and a biological loading of 37,000 kgCOD/day.  In addition to the PET/ETP systems, MSA also designed a sewage treatment plant (STP) to handle domestic effluent arising from over 2,000 people living on site.