Effluent Systems Design

Robust and Reliable Effluent Treatment Plant Design

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Our modern designs have been installed in many of the world’s leading food, drink and dairy factories (see our ETP project list). Since 1988, our designs have advanced with technology and we now use state of the art designs combined with CAD, 3D modelling and process ingenuity to produce creative, reliable and robust solutions for our clients.

Before the detailed engineering design of any plant, we will consider the full range of options available for your site. As an independent consultancy, you can be sure that each sensible alternative will be discussed and fully evaluated from both a performance and financial perspective:

  • primary treatment with screening, balancing and pH correction
  • advanced partial treatment using DAF, SAF, AD…
  • secondary treatment including Activated Sludge or MBR
  • options for water reuse or recycling via RO

The benefits of the MSA approach is that best technology to suit your needs will be agreed at the early stage and appropriate contractors are selected to bid for the project.  Furthermore, we can provide full project management throughout the course of the project to ensure the plant is brought into reliable service on time and within budget as well as resolving the technical issues that will undoubtedly arise.

We always welcome the opportunity for preliminary informal discussions on your potential project and these would be at no charge.  No project is too big or too small – we have designed all sizes of effluent treatment plants. So whatever your requirements are, give us a call.