Feasibility Studies

Whether it is a new Effluent Treatment Plant or an upgrade, MSA’s wastewater consultants are ideally placed to provide incisive technical input so that our food and drink clients can make an informed choice

The selection of the appropriate effluent treatment technology for your site can be a real minefield and it is where many food and drink companies have and continue to fall foul.  There are many unscrupulous equipment suppliers and contractors offering technologies that simply aren’t suitable and are often not fit to withstand the rigours of food and drink effluent treatment.

Taking the time at the front end to isolate and evaluate the potential options using proven and robust technologies is a far better approach than rushing into action and purchasing the wrong technology and equipment. The wrong selection can result in lower than expected financial savings or failure to meet final discharge obligations with the Water Company or Environment Agency.

Unlike the plant contractors or suppliers, our vast experience in the food and drink industry allows us to understand the requirements for flexibility in plant design to allow for future factory development and possible expansion in a cost-effective manner.

Our options documents and strategy reviews will highlight the range of options available to clients identifying the capital costs, revenue costs, advantages, risks and paybacks along with our recommended strategy.

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