Wastage Control

We specialise in the minimisation of product, water and effluent losses in the food, drink and dairy industry.

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Given the rising cost of raw materials and effluent disposal/treatment charges, it is essential for food and drink production sites to be highly efficient.  MSA can help optimise wastage control by undertaking an incisive audit of your factory.

We are highly experienced in helping food & drink sites in all areas of waste management. We have completed many wastage audits for clients such as Kerry Group, Saputo & Dale Farm. For a detailed list of waste control clients, please see our reference list.

We spend time in the process area to quantify usage at each main consumer. Audit reports highlight areas for optimisation and reductions in water usage, product loss and effluent volumes and loadings.

We identify the major effluent intensive areas by measuring individual operations within each department, providing a detailed assessment of the potential savings in product, effluent and water usage.  Recent audits have identified savings of between £50k to £540k per annum.

 We have developed bespoke spreadsheet software (CIP-PROP®) to accurately measure CIP losses and provide profiles for each clean.

Furthermore, our in-depth knowledge of food industry wastage issues means that we can design a specific Effluent Monitoring Station (EMS) for any new factory to make effective departmental effluent and wastage control so much easier. Taking time to talk “wastage control” with MSA will never be wasted…