Water Reuse


Water reuse is used to describe the advanced treatment of wastewater with the aim of producing treated water that is fit for purpose . The treated water is typically used for:

  • Factory Process Water –  CIP Pre-rinse & 1st rinses
  • Landscaping
  • Cooling Towers
  • Boiler Makeup
  • Lorry and site washdown
  • Effluent Plant Process Water – Polymer Makeup, hoses, CIP makeup


Commonly, a combination of tertiary treatment including membrane technology and physical/ chemical disinfection is used to achieve the required water quality standard.


There are many drivers for sites exploring water reuse projects. Some of the main drivers include:

  • Physical limitations in local water resources
  • Economic incentives to reduce water potable/ borehole water consumption
  • Restrictions in Environmental discharge permits

Additionally, there are many benefits to water reuse including:

  • Reverse Osmosis treatment produces a very high quality water which can be reused within factories for specific purposes
  • Reduced consumption of expensive potable water supplies (e.g. mains water)
  • Reduced consumption of boreholes/ aquifers (environmental impact reduction)
  • Increased site operational security (less drought sensitive water resource)
  • Reduced effluent flow to sewer/river

MSA have extensive experience in water reuse design. The reliable exceptional treated effluent quality from our systems has made full scale water recycling a risk free operation for food and drink companies.